“NEVA means snow and if I had a baby girl, that would be her name. In 2010, when I moved to Norway, I felt very disconnected from my home country, Slovakia. By creating NEVA, everything fell into place and my two worlds are now in a beautiful harmony, each complimenting the other.”
— Zuzana Spustova, founder

And so, one snow coated morning, little baby NEVA was born. Graceful perfection. Delicate yet strong, breathtakingly beautiful, precious and charming.

“My vision was to create the very first jewellery in one’s life. Something that will not be kept in a treasure box, but worn with increasing sentiment through life.”

As in every fairy tale, magic chanced upon the right person at the right time. Art Director Mikina Dimunova appeared with her creative vision and crafted the NEVA brand identity. A subtle fusion of Slavic tradition and Scandinavian simplicity, reminders of dreamy summers and cosy winters and a sentiment of childhood expressed in a classic couture feel. Her conceptual vision is visible throughout the entire brand, her influence goes beyond.

“When I met Zuzana, with her dreamy idea about baby jewellery, it touched my heart immediately. I wanted to preserve this first feeling in the creative vision with poetry that would reflect the name of the brand, the lightness and simplicity of the jewellery. I love summer, and my strongest childhood memories are connected with a dandelion meadow. So I created dandelion snow, which is now the essential element of NEVA’s identity.”
— Mikina Dimunova, art director

NEVA packaging is a natural continuation of the baby jewellery idea. All materials, shapes, colours and even scent evoke the luminous time of childhood. The playfulness and purity.

The first collection is called Minineva. With delicate initial letter bracelets, they are delightfully simple yet gently emotional. Made from stunning eighteen carat rose gold for an eternal feel. Handcrafted by third generation artisans, each piece is truly unique. NEVA is not a frozen beauty, but evolving step-by-step. The brand is growing from a baby jewellery brand to broader horizons, bringing dreamy dandelion snow to women and men who fell in love with the first collection Minineva.

And because NEVA has a kind heart, the dream to share it is manifested through collaboration with Naked Heart Foundation. This has become an integral part of what NEVA stands for and something that gives great pride.

NEVA was officially launched in September 2015 in Oslo’s concept store Heaven Scent at Eger department store, together with NEVA online boutique for international orders.

Let the dandelions snow…


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