/Zuzana Spustova portrait by ok,sister
Zuzana Spustova portrait by ok,sister

Born in 1984 to a family of doctors living in Communist Slovakia, there was not a huge artistic influence in her early childhood. A little adventurer at heart, Zuzana spent her early twenties travelling and studying, in Europe and the USA, thanks to the unwavering support of her family. That’s where her love for cultural diversity emerged.

Zuzana graduated with a Masters degree in Marketing in 2007. By then she had developed a great passion for aesthetics, art and brands with a strong identity. This was followed by several years experience within L’Oreal and Louis Vuitton, where she acquired a profound understanding of what it takes to create and nurture a thriving brand.

“I never dreamt of being an entrepreneur, I actually loved working for big brands.”

NEVA OSLO happened by coincidence… In the spring of 2014, while strolling in Paris, Zuzana was unable to find a piece of jewellery for her baby boy Johann. She wanted something delicate and unique, a timeless piece crafted with sentiment. Perhaps a little bracelet he could wear everyday. A treasure to last a lifetime. And so NEVA was born, becoming Zuzana’s most cherished project.

“Creating NEVA and working with an incredible team has brought me more joy that I could ever have dreamed.”

Another dream-come-true has been NEVA’s collaboration with Naked Heart Foundation, a charity that supports disadvantaged children.

“It’s NEVA’s biggest achievement, I am so proud and humbled!”

Zuzana lives in Oslo with her husband and two boys, Magnus & Johann.


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