minineva chain bracelet has a standard size of 16 cm. It is adjustable to two other sizes: 17 cm and 18 cm. Our experience is that this size fits most women. If you know that you have a smaller or a bigger wrist, please let us know the size and we will adjust your minineva chain. Also, when buying minineva chain for a child or a man, please give us the right size.


minineva silk bracelet is designed to be kept once the knot is tied. To avoid losing the bracelet regularly check that the knot is well tied. We recommend changing the minineva silk every three months, depending on the wear.

To change the minineva silk:

  1. Cut your 60 cm long silk into two identical pieces, each measuring 30 cm
  2. Cut sharply, so it can be easily put through the small circle on each side of the letter
  3. Do the same with both silks
  4. Put the silks through the clasp, with the engraved NevaMonogram always facing the wrist
  5. Make a double knot, then cut both ends leaving the length of approximately 0.7 cm
  6. Voilà, it’s done!

When purchasing the minineva silk bracelet, you will receive two pieces of silk in the colours of your choice. After that, you can purchase new colors in a package of three. We recommend that you buy one extra package of minineva silk when ordering the bracelet, to have enough silks for the first year of wear without an extra shipping cost.

minineva silk is designed to be worn by babies and children. Silk has been chosen also for its safety. As a natural material, in an event of being caught into something when child plays, it will simply break whilst pulled. When tied well, as advised, the knot will stay. However, as there is a risk of choking hazard, responsibility for minineva bracelet worn by children is with parent or guardian.


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