Jewellery is one of our most intimate and cherished accessories. Whether you wear your NEVA bracelet every day or just occasionally, it requires loving care, like every precious piece.


Here are a few recommendations that will help you to preserve minineva chain in its original condition:

/ Allow yourself enough time to handle the bracelet carefully
/ Avoid exposing the bracelet to household bleach, which may cause gold to discolor or disintegrate
/ Apply your cosmetics, and perfume before putting on the bracelet
/ Consider removing the bracelet before sleep
/ Do not wear the bracelet into a shower, pool or sea
/ Take off the bracelet when playing sport or exercise
/ Ensure the bracelet is not exposed to intense heat, X-rays or sources of radioactivity
/ Use a non-abrasive cleaner for polishing the gold
/ Place the bracelet in its original protective box when unworn

We are very happy to offer a free professional cleaning service for your NEVA bracelet once a year, you only need to pay the shipping. Please arrange with us via email to with ‘Cleaning’ in the subject.


Some suggestions for you on how to look after minineva silk:

/ The concept being eternal use, it is designed to be kept on once the knot is tied. The best way is a double knot, then cut both ends leaving the length of approximately 7mm
/ Consider changing silk every three months, depending on the wear
/ Check regularly, that the knot is well tied
/ Use a non-abrasive cleaner for polishing the gold letter
/ Place the bracelet in its original protective box when unworn

minineva silk is designed to be worn by babies and children. Silk has been chosen also for its safety. As a natural material, in an event of being caught into something when child plays, it will simply break whilst pulled. When tied well, as advised, the knot will stay. However, as there is a risk of choking hazard, responsibility for minineva bracelet worn by children is with parent or guardian.


Each NEVA bracelet, purchased with its Certificate of Authenticity, has two years guarantee.


Every NEVA piece is handcrafted with great care, using materials of exquisite quality. Although delicate, it is designed to last.

With the passage of time and loving wear, you may require use of our full repair service for your beloved bracelet. Please contact us at with ‘repair’ in the subject to organize details.


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