The first collection by NEVA OSLO is called minineva.
Delicate initial letter bracelets, delightfully simple yet gently emotional. Each letter is made from stunning eighteen carat rose gold for an eternally-luscious feel. Handcrafted by third generation artisans, every piece is truly unique.

There are two versions of minineva, to let the heart choose how to wear the letter of joy:
attached to minineva chain or minineva silk.
(Please note the choice cannot be altered once the initial is set in its chain or silk)

Each minineva piece has an ‘extra cherry on the pie’, #NEVAREDKNOT, representing the collaboration with Naked Heart Foundation, an international charity that develops a network of support services for families raising children with special needs and creates inclusive play facilities for children of all ages and abilities.

See Instagram to get inspired how to wear minineva in daily life.


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