At the very beginning of our NEVA adventure, I had a late-night talk with my husband about the brand and the dream. He made a comment about how fortunate NEVA babies are, financially. After this, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the less fortunate kids…

All my friends know about my girl crush Natalia Vodianova. I have been following her life for years and even though I haven’t met her personally, she has made me believe there is a heart in everything she does. An authentic and strong woman, Natalia is my great inspiration. Knowing her work for Naked Heart Foundation, which develops a network of support services for families raising children with special needs and creates inclusive play facilities for children of all ages and abilities, a vision of collaboration appeared in my head. Simply because NEVA cares for all children… At the time it seemed very far-fetched. But day after day, with NEVA growing, I was ever more confident that this is what my heart really wants…

As luck would have it, one of my biggest passions is to run. I have been a runner for many years, and my great dream was to run the half marathon with Naked Heart Foundation. So, through precious help and support of my dear friends and family, I fundraised money to be part of Natalia’s marathon team in Paris. What an incredible adventure and unforgettable beginning of the journey:
NEVA for Naked Heart Foundation!

Some weeks later I travelled to Moscow to meet the extraordinary Naked Heart Foundation team and discuss details of our cooperation. Suddenly, the idea of the #NEVAREDKNOT came alive. I do believe, that this collaboration will speak for itself, leaving a real impact instead of just empty promises.

My vision for NEVA is one of the truly personal brand, with
#NEVAREDKNOT as an extra cherry on the pie.

To celebrate the creation of the first 100 pieces of NEVA bracelets and collaboration with Naked Heart Foundation, I knew exactly whom to engage: the amazing illustrator, Esra Røise. I met her some time ago and we clicked immediately. I love Esra’s genuine openess, and admire her art work. Discussing and executing the project was refreshingly fluid and simple.

Esra Røise’s drawing of NEVA BABE is the perfect way to showcase the campaign, and more importantly, to raise more for children from Naked Heart Foundation. Limited edition print run of 30 is available exclusively at www.esraroise.com with 50% of the profit from each print will be donated to the organisation.
Simply #artwithpurpose.

Please click on our ‘Collaborations’ section to view Esra’s art for NEVA OSLO or go directly to www.esraroise.com and buy yours today.



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