Luca / Norwegian Moss

New limited-edition minineva silk colour from NEVA OSLO. Launched 1st June, to celebrate International Children’s Day!

Our delightful addition to the alluring eleven colours, all named after little ones close to our hearts, Norwegian Moss belongs to elfin beauty Luca.

We would love to introduce her.

Luca is a seven year old girl from Oslo, Norway. She is in her second grade at Uranienborg School in Frogner. The classes she likes the most are gym and maths and her favourite activities are hip hop dancing and slalom skiing. Luca loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

The colour that takes her name is a shade of natural green, reflecting the stunning raw nature of her country. Norway’s breathtaking landscapes, stretch from deciduous forests to arctic tundra, majestic mountains and fjords carved by ancient glaciers. Waterfall torrents reach into valleys and rugged coastline with frosted beaches lapped by untamed sea.

Luca, Norwegian Moss, encapsulates the wild beauty of Norway.

The pictures of Luca, by Norwegian photographer Julie Pike, illuminate her natural beauty, in her element, at home and at Frogner park. Her genuine, soft personality shines through.

The dramatic scenery of the Norwegian coast is captured by Finnish photographer Tuuka Koski. Zuzana, NEVA OSLO’s founder, discovered Tuukka’s imagery while visiting Maaemo, the only 3 Michelin star restaurant in Scandinavia.

“I adored the images he took for their website and felt that he could manifest what I had in mind with the new colour launch. The photo really triggers emotions and represents Norway for me; the remote stone beaches that my boys love so much, with the green moss painted here and there with the divine brush.”

Sense the Norwegian spirit, land of the midnight sun and mysterious northern lights, with the new minineva silk colour,
Luca - Norwegian Moss.

Own yours today, and learn more about the exquisite minineva silk in sizes/silks section.


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