Mon Premier Diamant
Bonpoint x NEVA OSLO

“The delicacy of Neva Oslo jewels
perfectly fits the poetry of our House.”

— Christine Innamorato

“Bonpoint was my first destination
when I discovered I was pregnant and
remained so for all the ‘firsts’ in my children’s lives.
Now, it will also be the place where I can buy
the very first diamond my children can
treasure forever.”

— Zuzana Spustova

Elegance poetry and delicacy, values shared by
Christine Innamorato, artistic director at Bonpoint
and Zuzana Spustova, designer at Neva Oslo, whose
skills she called upon to create ‘Mon Premier Diamant’.

“Diamond is a gem of winter, NEVA means snow.
Envisioning ‘Mon Premier Diamant’ came to me as
a natural enlightenment.”

— Zuzana Spustova

Just for Bonpoint, the designer has imagined two exclusive bracelets
based around a 0.08 carat diamond, both modern and classic.

The design is very subtle and beyond time.
The unconventional baguette cut of the diamond emphasizes the
Bonpoint - NEVA collaboration. It accentuates the diamond’s ice
snow clarity and excellent craftmanship of
‘style moderne’ originated in Paris.

Minimal setting in the stunning eighteen carat rose gold
and maximum child-friendly design allows the diamond to shine.

Lightweight, pure and discreet,
these little sentimental jewels whose value
increases with time are ideal to celebrate a birth,
an anniversary or any other joyous occasion.
This precious gift will delight children as much as their mothers.

A diamond for life to accompany our most cherished ones.

The Bonpoint x Neva Oslo pieces are available
exclusively in a selection of Bonpoint boutiques.


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