NEVA’s premiere campaign is all about “baby”!

When thinking about the first campaign, the image of NEVA BABY naturally appeared in my mind. Happy boys and girls, wearing minineva silk bracelet in everyday moments. A little companion, almost invisible, yet gently present.

Because minineva silk is not something a child or mother has to think or worry about. It is always perfectly in place, even as it becomes worn-in by love. Minineva silk gains a lovely patina with every little mischief, play and adventure. I love the concept about not being perfect in today’s world… This is what I envisioned for the campaign.

Meanwhile, the relationship with Naked Heart Foundation has been established. As you might know, they see play as an essential part of a happy childhood. As a mother of two, I completely agree.

So how to naturally capture this joyful state?

My baby boys are not very patient models… I find it difficult to get them to pose for me when trying to take a picture of their minineva silk. I imagined the campaign not to be a burden for my baby model, but something spontaneous that she or he would really enjoy. Rather than focusing on the minineva bracelet, the emphasis would be to document the life with it. I wanted to capture a child’s being in everyday moments, filled with play and cute rituals, that every mother and father can relate to.

The idea was there and I needed someone who would bring it to life…

There was one person in my mind: Jan Králíček. I have been admiring his work for a decade, first as the editor-in-chief of Dolce Vita magazine, then in recent years for his work as fashion consultant in Elle CZ. When he agreed to be the creative director for the first NEVA BABY campaign I was really honoured. And I was even more thrilled to discover that his vision was just as in my ‘NEVA dreams’!

To make it all happen, we needed a wonderful team.

It was Jan who suggested the angelic face of Isa, daughter to Elle CZ’s editor-in-chief, to be our NEVA BABY. He also introduced me to the work of Slovak creative duo OK, sister (real life siblings, Paulina and Kaa Matova). I loved their work instantly, even more after meeting them in person. With them, the styling and photography were decided.

And so NEVA BABY came alive while little Isa shared with us her sweet daily adventures filled with joy, playfulness and dandelion snow…


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