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NEVA is not only for babies, but also for babes!

Even before officially launching NEVA, I was overwhelmed by the feedback and love the brand received through social media. Thanks to all the interest, NEVA has organically evolved from a fun project into something much greater, co-created by you.

NEVA BABE began from a lovely comment left on Instagram: “NEVA is not only for babies, but also for babes!” I agreed wholeheartedly! So with new NEVA babes every day, I couldn’t have the campaign for babies only… Musing the idea of a NEVA BABE, I imagined her as ageless, daring and true to herself. She’s a real woman, beautiful in her own unique way. I saw her as mother, lover, friend, wife…
I wanted to capture this spirit in a way that would illustrate the essence of NEVA BABE.

“I am a big fan of 1990’s fashion and styling, exemplified by Kate Moss, Juergen Teller and Melanie Ward amongst others. My perception of beauty is being personal and perfectly imperfect.
I don’t feel for overdone image retouching and when pictures are too contrived.

I was drawn to the young photographer Jakob Landvik and his girl gang, whose work reminds me of this era I loved as a teenager.
I adore his raw and emotional images. To make the team complete,
I invited Karolina Hellström, my dear friend and one of the most creative people I know, to help me style the image of our babe. With that, NEVA BABE sprung to life, a sensual woman wearing NEVA as a subtle everyday signature close to her heart.”
— Zuzana Spustova


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